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Vinnie's Story

Vinny is an energetic goalkeeper who also plays with our Crawley Town Flyers teams. His experiences resonate with the programme and he talks about how the programme has impacted him. 




Move the Goalposts takes place once a week at the club's Broadfield Stadium ball court; It is a light-hearted, lively and supportive group with a competitive spirit. 

It is a session for those experiencing - or at risk of experiencing - mental health issues; and is open to anyone over the

age of 18.

As a champion of wellbeing the Foundation we want to session to get people active, talking and release some of the feel-good factor in our players.

We want to tackle mental health issues and have a list of recommendations to help alleviate problems you may have from leading organisations here. 

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To join Move the Goalposts, fill the consent form below

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