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About Extra Time Hubs

Crawley Town Community Foundation are one of 11 Clubs in the country selected to deliver the Extra Time Hubs. Working in partnership with the EFL Trust funded by the National Lottery and Sport England, our aim is support people over the age of 55 to increase their activity levels, reduce social isolation and levels of loneliness.

We welcome members of the community who may already be active, as it is important to stay active and as you may be able to support those who are less active.

Our weekly sessions are aimed at engaging everyone over the age of 55 through physical and social activities. We have included activities including quizzes, seated pilates, table tennis, walking football,

board games and regular health checks.

Refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits are always available, along with welcoming staff ready to support everyone who attends our Extra Time Hub. The cost is £3 per week.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Extra Time Hubs:

During these unprecedented times, it has been vital to make sure that contact has been continued with our Extra Time Hub members, to ensure they are safe and well.


Contact has been made in a variety of ways:

  • Regular phone calls

  • Delivery of food supplies to those in need of basic supplies

  • Delivery of information packs including home workout routines, an exercise resistance band, and contact details of staff and Extra Time Hub members.

  • Weekly Virtual Coffee Mornings, including exercise sessions and quizzes.

  • Providing support on how to use/access online information sites.


We have also set up a Facebook page for members to stay in touch with each other and to share ideas/stories.


To access this page, please search for Crawley Town Extra Time Hubs on Facebook.


For more information on our Extra Time Hub please contact:

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