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The Foundation’s Elite and Development Centre is our renowned footballing programme is designed to cultivate and nurture the potential of young football players, ranging from under 7 - under 16 age groups. Our Girls Centre has teams from 10-16 years. The programme continues the pathway from our 'Mini Reds' starter-groups for ages 4-6.
We are committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment that allows the most talented players to flourish. The programme is created to develop essential skills, giving a deeper understanding of the game, and foster that love for football.
With the support of our UEFA qualified and experienced coaches, players receive quality training sessions - our approach combines technical expertise and tactical knowledge to help players unlock their potential. With an emphasis on skill acquisition decision-making, and game intelligence, we aim to shape well-rounded footballers capable of excelling at any level.
Beyond football, our programme also focuses on character development and personal growth. We promote values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline, which are crucial for success off the pitch, too. Players will have the chance to build lasting friendships and develop a strong sense of community, creating an environment where they can thrive.
Whether there are dreams of becoming a professional footballer or simply wanting to enhance skills and enjoy the beautiful game, the Elite and Development Centre at Crawley Town Community Foundation is the perfect platform for the journey. Join to embark on an exciting path towards reaching their highest potential in football.


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