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National Football Youth League

For the last four years our teams have played in the NFYL, competing against similar programmes from the likes of Chelsea, Watford, Portsmouth, Brighton, Crystal Palace and more. The league have been successful in providing showcasing opportunities and pathways for high level performers – whilst also providing various tiers of football which give teams opportunities to play in challenging environments against similar ability players.


The league also hosts under-17 All Star Team trials that every year we send our best and brightest to. Last year, of the three players who attended, two made it through the southern round into the National round of trials. 



As a part of our ‘Play’ philosophy, coaching staff try to ensure there is a pathway for every player during and beyond their time with us, below there is a list of the pathways we encourage players to follow:


  • Crawley Town FC First Team: we have regular interaction with coaching staff, and they are always interested in looking to see if there is a home-grown talent who can break into the squad.

  • Scholarships in the US: An increasingly popular option for academic athletes is to progress into college scholarships in the USA – giving players opportunities to train and play full-time whilst getting a Higher Education.

  • Isthmian First Team: We look for our top players to be trying to play for Isthmian First Team squads by the time they finish their journey with us.

  • Isthmian U23’s: We are lucky to have a strong link with a local U23’s Isthmian side which can provide a platform for young players to experience higher level football.

  • County League First Team: County League football can provide players with increased competitiveness and physicality whilst providing a pathway to adult football.

  • Isthmian U18’s: We encourage all our top players to try and play at Isthmian youth level alongside the Education Academy.

  • County League U18’s: We encourage all our players who are not playing Isthmian Youth to play County 18’s football at a club with a first team – this gives them extra touches, minutes and physicality for their development.

  • NYFL All Star Squad: Every year we put players forward to the NYFL All Star trials, giving top performers an opportunity to showcase their skills on a national level.

  • County Representative Squad: We also put players forward for their respective County FA trials (e.g. Sussex Schools FA) – again, giving players an opportunity for players to showcase their skills.

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