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A Day of Inspiration: Crawley Town Community Foundations Stadium Tours and English Workshops at the Broadfield Stadium

Last week, marked a once in a lifetime opportunity for pupils of Desmond Anderson Primary Academy. As students embarked on an unforgettable morning with Premier League Primary Stars and Crawley Town Community Foundation.


The morning kicked off with a special surprise as the students were greeted by the iconic figure of Reggie the Red for an exclusive stadium tour. The children arrived very excited and thrilled to be at a first team stadium. They delved into the feeling of being a professional player on matchday, exploring everything from the first team players' dressing rooms to the pristine pitch, home to Crawley Town FC. Reggie's infectious energy an extra layer of excitement, transforming the tour into a memorable adventure that left a lasting impression on the young minds.


But the excitement didn't end there! Following the informative stadium tour, the students were taken into the stadium suite for an English workshop. Led by our passionate coaches, the workshop aimed to ignite creativity and nurture a love for language through interactive activities and engaging discussions. From crafting stories inspired by their stadium tour experience, the students were fully immersed in a world of English and imagination.


The workshop served as a platform for the students to express themselves freely, engaging their confidence and communication skills in a supportive environment. It was amazing to witness the enthusiasm and eagerness shown by all students.


The Foundation offers this excellent Premier League programme in Crawley Schools which uses the League's brand to inspire children to get engaged with education and sport. The Premier League Primary Stars programme uses an innovative format to support students and teachers with Physical Education, English, Maths and PSHE; student's can learn important life-skills and important social values.


​The programme wants students to 'be ambitious, be inspiring, be connected and be fair' and these are aligned with the Foundation's values and we're proud to deliver the initiative in schools around Crawley.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Desmond Anderson Primary Academy for coming along, we had a great morning!


We look forward to welcoming them along with other schools to the stadium in the future for more unforgettable experiences and moments of inspiration. Together, we will continue to harness the power of sport and education to shape the leaders of tomorrow and build a brighter future for all.


Want to work within Crawley Town Community Foundation and The Primary Stars Programme? Become our latest signing as our Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator! If you're passionate about education and making a difference in young lives, this could be your perfect match!


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