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End of Year for Premier League Primary Stars

As the school year comes too close, so does Premier League Primary Stars for the Summer term.

The last 2 weeks Baldwins Hill Primary School, Halsford Park Primary School, Colgate Primary School and Saint Peter’s Catholic Primary School graduated from their 10-week programme at Crawley Town FC.

PLPS aims to improve wellbeing, boost attainment, to help increase school attendance and support young people in making positive lifestyle choices.

The programme is held in schools for nine weeks, where our FA qualified coaches & school co-ordinators deliver 45 minutes of classroom-based activity followed by another 45 minutes in the form of a PE lesson.

Throughout each session, PLPS aims to improve wellbeing, boost attainment to help increase school attendance and support young people in making positive lifestyle choices.

The classroom-based session will have a new theme every week, covering topics such as health & nutrition, emotion wellbeing, numeracy, literacy, food technology or enterprise.

The activity session can be in the form of a multi-skill class, looking at co-ordination and balance or focusing on football, which can help to give the pupils an extra incentive to learn.

As a park of the programme, Crawley Town has also incorporated PL Reading Stars, a programme created in partnership with the National Literacy Trust.

The graduations were hosted at Crawley Town FC’s People’s Pension Stadium, which provided the students with a tour of the Stadium itself. As well as a tournament hosted on our 3G Ballcourt and an award ceremony where the pupils were presented with Certificates to recognise their achievements over the programme.

Callum Agent, Schools Development Officer, said this about the last 9-weeks of learning during the Summer Term, “Premier League Primary Stars has been extremely successful this term with 4 schools completing the programme. The students have done excellently in both the classroom and PE activities, learning and demonstrating the PLPS values in both. The graduations at the end of the 10 weeks, highlighted the participants success, which each school thoroughly enjoyed.”

The PLPS programme has been highly regarded in Crawley and there is a huge demand from schools wanting to get involved heading into the 2019/20 school year.

In a recent study undertaken at the start and end of the 10-week programme, the participants rated their confidence on a scale. 57% felt confident at the start of the programme, but this rose to 88% by the end of week 10.

PLPS has helped to encourage the participants to express themselves a little more and to be more confident in both learning, communication and in sport.

We have a number of schools already signed up for the 2019/20 and we can’t wait to get started in the Autumn Term.

If you would like more details or information on PLPS, email

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