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Foundation Supports Mental Health Awareness

Monday 10th May saw the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, which highlights the impact mental health can have on your life, relationships and jobs – causing you to feel isolated and alone.

The past year has been testing on many of the participants we engage with and have placed focus, as a Foundation, to support all participants, especially our Extra Time Hub members through this difficult period.

Pam’s story is something we really wanted to share, as someone who joined us at a difficult time in her personal life and someone, we were able to continue to support throughout the pandemic and beyond….

Pam joined Extra Time Hubs back in the Summer of 2019 after moving from Kent and losing her husband shortly after. She felt very isolated where she lives and used to be part of a number of clubs, when she lived in Kent and was looking for a club where she could meet people of her age to talk to and to help her keep going through her difficult time.

When she joined the Extra Time Hub, she was unaware that it was associated with Crawley Town FC, and despite not enjoying football she was pleased to be able to meet likeminded people of a similar age with different interests.

“Extra Time Hubs has supported my mental health, especially through lockdown through the ongoing weekly phone calls and keeping me physically and mentally active on the Zoom calls with the other members. This programme has helped to keep me sane; I’ve had my down days but the support from everyone has been lovely and really helped me to get back on my feet.”

Throughout lockdown and with the addition of Tackling Loneliness Together, the Community Development team, at Crawley Town Community Foundation have been working hard to support everyone equally to ensure they don’t feel isolated in this difficult time. Keeping in contact with them and delivering virtual sessions has been the best form of support.

Mental Health Awareness Week is so important, and just like Pam your mental health matters to us.

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