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Foundations Extra Time Hub Supports Paul on his Journey

Paul & Chris are siblings and regularly attend the Foundations, Extra Time Hubs, for those aged 50+ and is designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing through social interaction and physical activities.  

Paul has Cerebral Palsy, a lifelong condition that affects movement and co-ordination. However, this does not stop Paul from taking part in all the activities offered at Hubs such as chair exercises, quizzes and crafts. Paul said “Meeting up with people and Ben's armchair exercises” were his favourite part of the sessions.  

The combination of social interaction and physical activity, specifically the seated exercises, delivered in partnership with staff from Nuffield Health, are highlighted as the most beneficial components. Emphasising the sessions are accessible and enjoyable, contributing positively to participants' physical health and mental wellbeing, while the social interactions foster a sense of community. 

The anticipation and regular participation in the over 50s sessions have had a positive impact on both Paul and Chris’s mental wellbeing, as they stated, "It has improved both of our mental wellbeing, as we looked forward to it each week." The routine of attending these sessions provides them with something to look forward to, therefore enhancing their overall mood and emotional health.  

Chris has "noticed a real difference in Paul with his stability and confidence” expressing that his “overall walking is a lot better” since joining Extra Time Hubs. Paul has shown significant improvements in his stability and confidence, which are critical for his independence and quality of life. The support from the community, along with the physical activities, has been instrumental in enhancing his mobility and overall physical health.   

"During Covid, Paul lost his mobility and all his friends he used to volunteer with at the different organisations." 

The Covid-19 pandemic had a detrimental effect on Paul's mobility and social connections, exacerbating feelings of isolation and physical decline. Extra Time Hubs has been crucial in helping him regain mobility and rebuild his social network, demonstrating the importance of such programs in post-pandemic recovery. Paul & Chris’s experiences underscore the importance of our Extra Time Hub in fostering health, happiness, and social connections among older adults within the Crawley community.  


For those interested in learning more about our Extra Time Hubs, further information is available on the Crawley Town Community Foundation website.  

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