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The Crawley Town CREW Nursery Project

Crawley Town Community Foundation has been working with Young Crawley to support young children with the Crawley Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing project.

On the Thursday 28th March, the participants from K2 Pre-School Academy and Bewbush Nursery visited Crawley Town and the People’s Pension Stadium for their graduation, a final day of celebration of the 10 – week programme.

The children took part in lessons consisting of 30 minutes of emotional wellbeing work and 30 minutes of physical activity during 9 weeks at the K2 Leisure Centre.

The children had the opportunity to mix with their peers, who have similar social backgrounds to their own, which has been invaluable in the development of interpersonal communication skills and building confidence in new, unfamiliar social situations.

As part of the first 30 minutes of emotional wellbeing, our coaches covered topics such as healthy eating by looking at different dishes or food groups, which are good or not so good for them. During the programme, we also covered World Book Day.

During the graduation, participants had a tour around the People’s Pension Stadium. This included visiting the home and away changing rooms where first-team players meet, the pitch where they play, and to sit in the dugout.

The participants also had the opportunity to meet first-team captain Jimmy Smith, who joined in the action on the ball court.

First Team Manager Gabrielle Cioffi came down to meet the teachers while the activities were happening.

At the end of the tour, parents were invited to the home dugout where Crawley Town coaches presented the participants with certificates to congratulate them for all the hard work throughout the programme.

All of the participants were so excited to show their parents the certificate they received from Crawley Town!

The parents who came to watch the certificate ceremony were incredibly proud and supportive of the whole programme.

One of the participant’s parent sent the following message through, “Many thanks for organising an amazing programme, which gets children involved in a lot of physical activity and makes them be aware about routine, time and teamwork.”

As a part of the case study on the Crawley Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing project, the K2 teachers said this about the programme, “The staff team repeat the activities with, not only the children who attend the sessions on Thursday mornings, but with all our children.

This continued delivery of activities designed to increase the children’s personal, social and emotional development and physical literacy skills not only reinforces the good emotional wellbeing practices for the children attending the referral session, but extends the legacy of this pilot project to other children who attend K2 Pre-School Academy as well as those who will attend in the future.”

Overall, the pilot project has proved to be a great success. For more information, or to get involved with the Crawley Resilience & Emotional Wellbeing project, email

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