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Premier League Kicks is the flagship Premier League youth sports programme aiming to inspire young people to get active and play. 

Using sport to drive participation, the programme helps children in high-need areas such as Crawley. We deliver 11.5 (at the time of writing) hours of football a week at various locations around Crawley with over 500 (at the time of writing) players. 

The Premier League Kicks programme also has a youth council that regularly meets for events, carrying out social action projects to help garner team and community spirit.

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To take part in Premier League Kicks

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The Premier League Kicks Council are working together to make their community tick. The Council meets regularly to talk about community issues and carry out community projects such as clothes banks and litter picks. 

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"Coming to Premier League Kicks has massively improved my social skills, my confidence has risen massively because not only have my skills improved in football, but I have noticed a huge difference in myself as a person."

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