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"My experience at the academy was amazing.

Rob and Adam were always there for me, giving me advice on how to become a better footballer.


Academically it was amazing because Holly is a great teacher, she would help us if we were struggling and she always had patience with us; an amazing teacher and a good person overall."

Andreas Gonzalez-Giron - Former student

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The Foundation Academy competes in the most prestigious competitive league outside of professional academy football - the National Football Youth League. There are two teams with one playing in the South Championship Reserves and another in the South Premier Division. 


Home games are hosted at the Camping World Community Stadium, the home of Horsham FC, and we travel the width of the UK for games.We provide transportation to both home and away games, guaranteeing players focus is on their performance and not logistics.


Led by UEFA-qualified coaches Rob Semark and Adam Djellab, our full-time programme immerses students in football development and fitness. Shifting from grassroots to our Academy involves a transition from casual play to a high-demand mindset and understanding elite competition.

Vital to under-19 football, strength & conditioning demands students commit to physical growth, aligning with aspiring first-team standards. Through analysis, we evaluate individual strengths, areas for improvement, and the team's grasp of our system and style of play.

We expect incoming players to show advanced technical ability, focusing on refining skills and football intelligence.

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Our Pearson BTEC Level 3 Sport programme has a successful track record with proven academic results. Designed to cultivate well-rounded individuals we combine coursework with practical-skill development, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The programme’s success is with the ability to equip students for higher education and opportunities. By offering a blend of classroom learning, practical exercises, and industry insights, we ready students for a variety of pathways. Whether pursuing further studies or starting work, graduates are prepared to excel. 

We have an engaging learning environment fostering teamwork and adaptability; and with consistent graduate achievements they reflect the programme's commitment to nurturing holistic growth.

Our well-rounded approach prepares students not only with knowledge but also with the practical skills and mindset needed to excel in their chosen paths.


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The Crawley Town Foundation Academy is our post-16 football and education programme, operated in collaboration with The Holy Trinity Sixth Form.

We offer Pearson BTEC Sport Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, alongside by an intensive full-time football academy programme. The coaching at the academy is centred around the principles, and rigour, of professional football, ensuring a high level of training and development for aspiring athletes.

Our aim is to create pathways for talented players to pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers - in and out of football. By fostering a competitive and growth-oriented environment, we aim to identify and nurture exceptional football talent, providing players with the tools and guidance needed to take their skills to the next level.

We recognise the importance of education as a fundamental aspect of a student's development. The programme complements the football but also equips students with valuable knowledge and expertise in the sports industry. This comprehensive approach ensures that students have multiple options and opportunities to shape their future, whether it be through a football career or higher education pursuits.

One of the cornerstones of the Foundation Academy is its dedication to providing various avenues for career advancement. Apart from professional football, students can explore opportunities to pursue higher education in the UK or secure scholarships abroad. We encourage students to consider sports apprenticeships and other  football-related employment options, expanding their horizons beyond traditional pathways.

The Crawley Town Foundation Academy represents an exciting opportunity for aspiring footballers and students alike. with a blend of academic and football-focused development, the academy opens doors to various pathways, including professional football, higher education, sports scholarships, and football-related employment. With its commitment to excellence we strive to produce well-educated and skilled individuals who can thrive in both the sporting arena and the broader landscape of life.

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