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Collaboration Kits at Crawley Girls District Cup

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Foundation was able to see all the brilliant school inspired and designed kits from the creative collaboration with Social Impact group VYD last week.

The kits were created by pupils at Northgate, Bewbush and Seymour Primary schools and based upon the school's values.

The Everyone Active Crawley Girls District Cup featured all three kits - shown below - on a bright and sunny day in Broadfield.

It's inspiring to see the creative minds of Crawley getting together and showing what they're all about; VYD's Gary Pleece explained of the collaboration project:

'The programme is called Zona and we work with various age ranges to design an identity on a football kit, a badge identity and story around that badge.

We give them a blank canvas so they can go crazy with the kit, but usually you want it to have relevance to who they’re playing for.

We encourage sloganeering, but rather than a corporate Emirates or a gambling company, we put a motivational statement that’s going to motivate the team.’

The year 6 pupils that got involved with the project will have moved on from their Primary schools but have left a legacy for the school to enjoy for the next few years.

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