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Community Foundation People’s Pension Pitch Takeover

On Wednesday 8th May, we hosted a Premier League Primary Stars tournament on the People’s Pension Stadium pitch.

We invited Southwater Junior Academy, Milton Mount Primary School, Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Cuckfield, The Oaks Primary, Manor Field Primary School, Southway Junior School & Langley Green Primary School to bring a Mixed & Girls team to compete in the tournament.

Kick off was at 9:30 am where across the morning, the teams played each other once to build up the league table for the semis/finals.

Every team played extremely well, despite the heavy rainfall throughout the tournament, each of them upholding the Premier League values which we teach through our PLPS lessons.

After the finals and the third-place play offs, we had a small award ceremony for the first, second & third place teams.

For the mixed teams, in third place Southway Junior School, second place Southwater Junior Academy and the winners of the mixed fixtures were Milton Mount Primary School.

For the girl’s teams, in third place it was Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, in second place Southwater Junior Academy and the winners of the girl’s fixtures was Milton Mount Primary Academy.

Overall it was a great opportunity for the schools involved to get the chance to play on the People’s Pensions Stadium pitch and play against some other team that matched their skills level.

The parents and teachers who also attended had a great time, some already asking when the next tournament will be. One parent from Southway Junior School said this about the tournament, “Thank you for putting on such a fantastic day for the boys, they loved every minute of it. We can’t wait to come back next year.”

Another huge event we hosted this week on the pitch was on Friday 10th May alongside Jade Harker. Ryan Canter Club and Intercleanse came together to pay for a day on the pitch for the Sussex County FA and Sussex Disability League.

To start the day, we invited Manor Green Primary School to come down and have a free PE/Football session on the pitch. The kids had a blast learning new skills with our coaches and Education students who came down for some experience.

As a part of this session, we also invited some Home School Disability students to come down and join in with the Manor Green students, to give them a chance to do a fun and exciting PE session.

During this session, they were all gifted ‘Young Reds’ Crawley Town scarfs which made their days just that little bit more exciting. The home-schooled participants also got the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a football club, through a stadium tour.

One of the home-schooled participants said this, “If there is another day like this, I want to come and play again.”

After the morning session with the Manor Green participants, we then had the Sussex Disability Day Centres come down to play some fixtures on the pitch. All the participants had a smile on their face and were so excited to be playing on the pitch of the team they love.

During this session, First Team manager Gabriele Cioffi came down to meet some of our participants. As soon as they saw him their faces lit up and they all wanted the chance to talk to him personally about next season.

To finish a fantastic day, we had the Sussex County FA representative teams play a 9v9 fixture on the pitch.

This was a very competitive game, but one everyone thoroughly enjoyed. All the participants came from the day with smiles on their faces.

Days like this are a fantastic way to bring the community together through Football.

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