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For the last 6 years, the Beginners’ session, coached and supported by Crawley Town Community Foundation and their coaches, has been successful in helping “older” women learn to play football. From women who haven’t played before or for some women who haven’t even had anything to do with football, the sessions have been accessible, friendly and welcoming to all women who have come along.

Women aged 25 to 60+, are welcomed into a safe, non-judgemental environment, where they will learn basic football skills and become fitter while making new friends. When we have a new participant attend, the two most common things women say when they come along are, “But I don’t know anything about football” and “I’m not fit” - none of this matters and everything is done at your own pace, as all abilities are welcome.

The sessions are fun and incorporate a warm-up, learning some drills and a game at the end.

It’s a fun way to get active and especially for women in mid-life it’s even more important to be active for both mental and physical health. Keeping active helps increase bone density and helps reduce the risk of heart diseases among others, which is especially important during menopause.

Speaking to some of the women who have been to the Beginners’ sessions, learning to play football at their own pace has changed their lives and not only given them more self-esteem, but it’s also increased their fitness without them even realising it.

COGS is a great way to meet new friends and increase your social life too! With 5 sessions, covering Beginners, Beginners/Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced and Walking Football, there is a session for everyone. Whether you’ve played football before or are coming back into the game, every session is for fun and enjoyment.

If you want to find out more check out the website under Sessions for all the details on how to join or visit our website under Community Development. The first session is FREE so what have you got to lose?

For regular updates on our sessions, please access:

Facebook: @ctcommunityfoundation or @CrawleyOldGirls

Twitter: @CrawleyTownCF or @crawleycogs

Instagram: @CrawleyTownCF

YouTube: Crawley Town Community Foundation

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