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Crawley Town Community Foundation Awards 2020

Despite the uncertainty and challenging times presented to us all, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Crawley Town Community Foundation have risen to the occasion in supporting those in need with the local community.

As a result of all the hard work, with the Foundation, we are proud to have been named Crawley Community Awards, Crawley Community Group of the Year for 2020.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been supporting the community, with ages ranging from 2 – 86 years, through our various initiatives and programmes. We would like to thank you, our participants and partners for your continued support throughout the year, as we seek to continue to provide support to the communities of Crawley and the surrounding areas.

To view the awards announcement:

As well as the Crawley Community Awards recognition, we are also proud to announce the Foundation has been named ‘Crawley Coronavirus Community Champion’.

This recognition by Henry Smith, MP is again, testament to the hard work from all aspects of the Foundation, which has supported the wider community throughout the lockdown periods, specifically Tackling Loneliness Together.

Tackling Loneliness Together was created to ensure older members of the Community are not isolated through the changes to their lives created by COVID-19, and we are looking to support as many people as possible.

Through this programme, normally we are able to provide - Befriending Phone Calls, Garden Gate (home visit) sessions, Online Sessions (Extra Time Hubs), Newsletters, Walking Football and Walk & Talk sessions. Due to the second lockdown, we are currently only able to deliver regular Befriending Phone Calls, Online Sessions (Extra Time Hubs twice a week) and Newsletters.

Darren Ford, Acting Head of Crawley Town Community Foundation said, “We are delighted to have gained this recognition, through what has been a challenging period of time for us all. The staff within the Foundation have been amazing and this recognition is purely down to their hard work and determination, not just throughout the pandemic, but at all times – it’s been a real team effort.”

For more details about the programmes and services we deliver or to view our 2019/20 Annual Review, please access our website for an online copy:

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