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Crawley Town Community Foundation Introduces Player Mentors

Over the past few months and throughout the pandemic it has been our goal at Crawley Town Community Foundation to be able to support as many people in the community as possible through this difficult period.

As part of this support, our Schools and Football Development team having been creating a range of virtual programmes for their Elite & Development players and Community Development’s Premier League Kicks participants to attend. This includes the brand new ‘Player Mentor’ programme.

Ian Cobbett, Player Pathway Co-ordinator said this about the programme, “We are aware that everyone has a goal and dream but not necessarily the plan to go out and attack it. On our team calls and our 1 to 1s we talk about setting goals and how we build backwards to set smaller targets to help achieve their main goal. We look for inspiration from either professional or successful players, who have been down the same path. Also, with the mentoring we know everyone has the same the same or similar goals and we look to spark a fire for their passion, allowing them to push forwards with their goals.”

On Wednesday 17th February, the team invited Crawley Town first team player, Nicholas Tsaroulla to a ‘Player Mentor’ session. Nick, took his time out of his busy schedule to answer questions as openly and honest as possible to the 71 participants who attended this fantastic event.

This was a very positive session which reminded players of the dedication and perseverance needed to achieve your goals. Nick helped the young players to learn about taking negative situations whether they be in life or in their football career and turn them into a positive.

His positive mindset and determination has become and inspiration for our youth teams, as he has come back from a life altering injury and worked hard to get his place at Crawley Town FC and he scored the first goal against Leeds in the FA Cup.

Ian also said, “Nick was kind enough to talk to our players about his journey, answering questions asked by the players themselves. They took great value in what Nick said, the ups and downs, how he coped during lockdown and it really resonated with the players. Even mentioning a book he read when down has sparked a fire in the players”

Kayleigh Bowers, Schools & Football Development manager said this about the session, I am delighted that Nick had the opportunity to share his story with our young people. After scoring the spectacular first goal against Leeds United, Nick has become a bit of a cult hero among our players. He embodies resilience and self-belief, and has inspired a new generation of young people in Crawley.”

Overall, Nick’s humble and honest nature helped the participants to see that there is no such thing as failure, there are only opportunities to improve and if you put your mind and soul into your goals, you can achieve them.

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