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Crawley Town Community Foundation Tackling Loneliness in Crawley.

Towards the end of Lockdown, Crawley Town Community Foundation joined 31 EFL Clubs in delivering Tackling Loneliness Together.

This programme was created to ensure older members of the community are not isolated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are offering support to those that may be experiencing loneliness in Crawley, through a variety of different Covid-19 safe activities, to support the mental wellbeing of participants, based on their preferences.

These activities include:

· Befriending Phone Calls

· Garden Gate Visits

· Newsletters and Puzzle Packs

· Online Sessions

· Walk & Talk Sessions

We spoke to Peter, who joined Tackling Loneliness Together during September, about how Tackling Loneliness Together has benefited him and what the programme means to him. He replied with, “The garden gate visits have given me a chance to see a friendly face and exercise my voice. This programme means a lot to me, as it keeps me in touch with someone different, as I live alone.”

During half-term, our National Citizen Service (NCS) Autumn Programme, supported the Tackling Loneliness Together participants through their social action programme.

As part of supporting Tackling Loneliness Together, the participants organised 50 Cream Teas to be put together and delivered to our participants. The Cream Tea packs included three types of tea (English Breakfast, Chai & Earl Grey) alongside a Scone with Jam & Cream.

Packs were delivered by our Community Development staff and were well received by all the participants who received a Cream Tea.

Since the launch of the programme we have supported 50 participants aged 23 – 96 years and plan to increase our levels of support.

If you would like to take part in the programme or know a family member or friend who would benefit from the service, please register your interest: or access

Crawley Town Community Foundation uses the power of sport and football to engage, inspire and empower people. Working with participants and the community, together with local, regional and national partners, we aim to positively change lives and support people in health & wellbeing, sports participation, equalities and inclusion, education, enterprise, employment and skills, regeneration and community safety.

If you would like more details about the programmes and services we run to get involved with or would like to view our 2019/20 Annual Review, head over to our website for an online copy -

For regular updates on our sessions, please access:


Facebook: Crawley Town Community Foundation

Twitter: @CrawleyTownCF

Instagram: @CrawleyTownCF

YouTube: Crawley Town Community Foundation

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