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Crawley Town’s Premier League programme Kicks-Off!

Last week saw the start of the Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) programme, with St Margret CE Primary School, Blackwell Primary School, The Mill Primary Academy, Fuzefield Community Primary and Rusper Primary School kicking us off.

These schools have signed up for PLPS, which focuses on emotional wellbeing, health and nutrition, numeracy, literacy, PSHE and enterprise workshops, highlighting the PLPS four core values, Be Fair, Be Connected, Be Ambitious and Be Inspiring.

Our PLPS Coordinators go into schools and work with children for 1 ½ hours, separating 45 minutes in the classroom working on the academic side of PLPS and 45 minutes outside concentrating on the sport and activity side of the programme.

Kayleigh Bowers PLPS Coordinator said about the upcoming programme, “We are really excited to enter our third academic year of Premier League Primary Stars delivery. We have witnessed the impact this programme has on local, young people’s lives and the positive effects it can have on their performance and wellbeing. For example, PLPS can work with small groups and target the emotional and behavioural issues of children in order to reengage those who are struggling emotionally or to connect with other students in the classroom.

The power of the Crawley Town badge and its association with the Premier League is priceless in the way it engages children to read, write and increase the amount they exercise.”

The PLPS programme has been highly regarded in Crawley, with the demand high in the number of schools who want to be involved.

Sarah Risby-Doran Year 2 Lead Teacher at Billingshurst Primary School, said about PLPS, “The Premier League Stars Skill exchange part of the programme was very useful and provided many strategies that I will incorporate into my lessons. In particular, the links between PSCHE and P.E was helpful, as it is often tricky to link aspects of P.E. to another curriculum area.

The actual activities were appropriate and easy to manage with a clear purpose. The games were short and inclusive designed so that all children could be involved. Each session was clearly linked to the previous and built on the skills already taught. The resources were ones we have on site and have access to, so can easily replicate the lessons taught by the coaches.

Both the children and I have learnt a lot from the coaches and I will definitely be using many of the ideas and strategies exemplified by the team”

In a recent study undertaken at the start and end of the 10-week programme, the participants rated their confidence on a scale. 30% felt confident at the start of the programme but this rose to 88% by the end of the 10 weeks. The course encourages the participants to express themselves a little more, and to be more confident in both learning communication in sport.

Another past question was whether the participants enjoyed learning. Those who strongly agreed went from 38% at the start of the programme to 65% by the end of it.

Rudi Year 4 pupil at St Margaret’s C of E Primary School said about the programme, “It has made people more confident and they work harder in class”

PLPS is so beneficial for all the schools that sign up and these 5 schools are in for an exciting 10-week programme with their graduation hosted at Broadfield Stadium, giving them a tour of the Stadium, a football tournament followed by an awards ceremony where the children are presented with certificates.

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