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Crawley Town supporting Extra Time Hubs participants during isolation

Since the Government restrictions were announced, Crawley Town has been seeking to ensure all vulnerable participants were fully equipped and supported during this period of isolation.

Everyday our participants are contacted by members of the team, sometimes with the help of the Crawley Town FC First Team, to check up on their physical and mental wellbeing and to make sure they have everything they need to get through the week.

These phone calls have been especially important for those participants who are isolated alone, and it provides a platform for someone from the team to reach out and to make sure participants know we are looking out for them during what can be a very isolated and lonely period.

On Friday 3rd April, the team hosted their first ever Virtual Coffee Morning on ‘Zoom’ for participants to bring their own tea or coffee (biscuits optional) to join an online group catch up.

This was to trial how easy it was for participants to access the platform and to also discuss some activities they might like to do as a group during the week.

Since this coffee morning, the team has been working hard to develop support for those members of Extra Time Hubs who don’t have access to computers or tablets to enable them to join the sessions via phone.

On Tuesday 7th April, the participants joined in another Virtual Coffee Morning, which included taking part in a variety of seated exercises to get them moving and active.

The participants have also requested doing quizzes, so ‘Hub Quiz’ was created as a mock ‘Pub Quiz’ as an activity to take part in during these virtual interactions, which will be run by the participants themselves.

Additionally, a new page was launched on our website in order to give those participants who don’t use Facebook regular updates on upcoming online events and to give them resources to keep them physically and mentally active.

This new page also has information about how to set up ‘Zoom’. If you would like to become involved in Extra Time Hubs and activities during the week, please contact

Alternatively head to the Crawley Town Extra Time Hubs page on our website, to find out more information on upcoming events:

We continue to help and support the community as much as we can in this time of crisis. We wish you good health and wellbeing throughout.

If you have any questions or need any help during this crisis, don’t hesitate to get in contact us.

Stay up to date on our Covid-19 messages online through our social media channels:

Facebook: Crawley Town Community Foundation

Facebook: Crawley Town Extra Time Hubs

Twitter: @CrawleyTownCF

Instagram: @CrawleyTownCF

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