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Crawley vs Reading: A Day of Elite Fixtures for U7-U14

Last week, Crawley Town Community Foundation and Reading Community Trust’s  youth development programmes came together for a thrilling series of fixtures, showcasing the skills and potential of players from U7 to U14 age groups. The event was held over at the K2 3G pitches, opposite Crawley's Broadfield Stadium.  


From the moment the first whistle blew, it was clear that both clubs came along wanting to win, with all players starting off brilliantly. The day started with the youngest players, the U7s, U8’s and U9’s who displayed an impressive performance. The youngest talents of the programmes showed a level of discipline and passion that set the tone for the day. 


As the fixtures progressed through the age groups, the play intensified. The U10 matches were particularly notable for their high energy and tactical awareness. Both Crawley and Reading coaches took the opportunity to rotate players, giving everyone a chance to gain valuable match experience. 


For the U12 and U13 fixtures, the players demonstrated amazing ball control and like the younger age groups, they showed a great level of discipline and passion. The coaches from both sides were visibly proud of the young players, who represented both clubs brilliantly.  


The day concluded with the U14 match, the young footballers showed not only technical proficiency but also a deep understanding of game tactics. The matches were full of energy, with both sides showing resilience and sportsmanship. 


Off the pitch, families and fans from both Crawley and Reading gathered to support the players, and they brought a lively and encouraging atmosphere. The Crawley Town Community Foundation staff ensured that the day ran smoothly, with plenty of action to keep people entertained.  


All teams had a smile on their face from start to finish and had an amazing day. We’d like to extend our thanks to Reading Community Trust for some great games and for coming along we loved every minute! 


 Our Elite and Development Programme is for boys and girls aged 6-16 years, and is invite only. Want to find out more? Click the link below 

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