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Elite & Development Open Trails Success

On the 25th August here at the Crawley Town Community Foundation we held open trails for players who were looking to join both our Elite and Development centres.

The day was a massive success with over 60 children coming to take part in our open trials where many were able to showcase their skills and ability to our coaches with a chance of hopefully being accepted into the centres.

Our Head of Football and Sports Development had this to say on the open trails for our Elite and Development Centres.

“Fantastic turnout on Saturday 25th August with 55 players attending our trials.  We had players from club sides all across Sussex and Surrey aged between 6 – 13 years of age.

This will improve the quality in our centres and drive competition within all ages – we want players to motivate each other and become the best they can be! All parents should of received information in regards to what squad they have been selected for ready for September. 

For those players that didn’t make a squad this time, they have been welcomed into our Soccer Centre on a Saturday in which a more relaxed environment is created.”

If you are interested in seeing any of the other programmes that we run here at the community foundation the be sure to follow the link provided:

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