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New Partnership Agreement to Strengthen Crawley Town

Crawley Town Football Club and Crawley Town Community Foundation have today agreed on a new arrangement that will see more cohesion across a number of community initiatives across West Sussex.

As part of the new agreement, which will see an increased presence of the football club in the town centre and surrounding areas, will also see and increased focus on developing young talent across Crawley and the local vicinity. 

Technical Director Erdem Konyar, who facilitated the deal, said: "This is a very positive step for the future of Crawley. We must praise the fabulous work of the Community Foundation in recent years. I’m ever thankful for the positive collaboration of Chairman Thura KT Win and Vice Chairman Steve Sawyer. The new SLA delivers a closer relationship and a real support for the badge that we represent. We hope to see a player develop through the community into the first team and will be more involved in making this transition a genuine pathway for the young talents of West Sussex."

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