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Premier League Primary Stars End of Term Tournament

As a special treat to finish off there PLPS programme for the Christmas season, PLPS Coordinator, Luke Beckess, organised a tournament last Saturday 24 November, between all 5 school participants in the PLPS programme.

This tournament, although competitive wasn’t designed or to single out a school as the overall winners but as bit of fun to solidify all the football skills they had learnt throughout the programme and to reward them for all the pupils hard work in the classroom.

On the day, each team played 4 matches, including a final and runner up match to determine the places the pupils would win in their school groups. But because of the low attendance from some schools had to merge together to create teams. Although inconvenient in terms of determining a winning school, the kids loved the opportunity to blend schools and make new friends.

The 1st half was the group stage – this was aimed at establishing where each team were at for skill types and who they should play moving forward into the higher (finals) and lower (runner up) scoring rounds.

The matches were laid out as:

Game 1: Blackwell/St Margaret’s vs Rusper A

: The Mill vs Rusper B

Game 2: Blackwell/St Margaret’s vs The Mill

: Rusper A vs Rusper B

Game 3: Blackwell/St Margaret’s vs Rusper B

: The Mill vs Rusper A

3rd & 4th Place Final: The Mill vs Blackwell/St Margaret’s

Final: Rusper A vs Rusper B

Although Rusper were the overall winners, all participants of the tournament received a medal and 2 free tickets to the Crawley vs Crewe Alexandra match on the Saturday they were competing.

All the pupils played really well and I think they would agree, that another tournament like this would be a lot of fun for the future. As these matches give the pupils an opportunity to improve their confidence and teamwork sills through football.

Who’s excited for next year’s PLPS programmes with tournaments like these???

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