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‘Tackling Loneliness Together’ is set to continue in 2021 at Crawley Town Community Foundation

As the nation enters into the third lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to announce an extension to the delivery of our successful ‘Tackling Loneliness Together’ programme, and expand our reach into surrounding areas of Crawley.

This programme was created to ensure members of the community are not isolated throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are offering support to those that may be experiencing loneliness in Crawley, through a variety of different Covid-19 safe activities, to support the mental wellbeing of participants, based on their preferences.

During the current national lockdown restrictions, activities currently include:

· Befriending Phone Calls

· Newsletters and Puzzle Packs

· Online Sessions

Darren Ford, Acting Head of Crawley Town Community Foundation, explained why Tackling Loneliness is so important at this time, “Regardless of age, loneliness can affect members of the community at any stage and the ongoing pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. We have been able to support a wide section of the community, all of whom have varied support needs and staff have done a fantastic job in being able to provide participants with the support they need – we are supporting some amazing individuals, who need support.

I’m proud of the efforts staff have made and will continue to make, to ensure members of the community don’t feel lonely or isolated.”

Since the launch of the programme, we have supported over 160 participants aged between 23 and 101 years old and plan to increase our levels of support.

As we headed into the Christmas period, a free Cream Tea was delivered to participants by our Community Development staff. These were well received by all and included three types of tea, alongside a Scone with Jam & Cream.

If you would like to take part in the programme or know a family member or friend who would benefit from the service, please register your interest: access

If you would like more details about the programmes and services we deliver to get involved with or would like to view our 2019/20 Annual Review, access our website for an online copy -

For regular updates on our sessions, please access:


Facebook: Crawley Town Community Foundation

Twitter: @CrawleyTownCF

Instagram: @CrawleyTownCF

YouTube: Crawley Town Community Foundation

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