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Talent ID Centres at Crawley Town

Are you looking for extra football training or to help your child start on their footballing journey at Crawley Town?

Our Talent ID Centre (U7s to U12s) at Crawley Town FC is designed to focus on the holistic development of the individuals within our centres with a view to promoting them into our Development Centres for players who impress and require further challenge to progress.

Our Talent ID centres are delivered once a week and all of our players are expected to continue training with their grassroots team.

All of our sessions will focus on developing the following ideals:

· We conduct ourselves respectfully

· We have a desire for learning

· We are motivated to be the best we can be

· We are humble in victory and dignified in defeat

All of our sessions will focus on developing the following outcomes:

· I can dribble the ball past my opponent

· I can pass the ball to my teammates

· I can score goals and celebrate success

· I know lots of different turns and tricks

· I can defend intelligently

· I am creative

· I share my ideas with the team and my coaches

· I lead by example and am a role model to other players

Ian Cobbett, Player Pathway Co-ordinator said this, “Our Talent ID centre allows us to help improve the players we have, as well as identifying players for our Elite and Development Centre.

The core of the sessions is technical and we test the players physical and psychologically as well. The session is great to develop individual skills and help players on the start of their journey.”

If you are interested in signing up and starting your child’s journey with Crawley Town or help them develop their skills, visit our website today -

For regular updates on our sessions at Crawley Town Community Foundation, please access:


Facebook: Crawley Town Community Foundation

Twitter: @CrawleyTownCF

Instagram: @CrawleyTownCF or @ctfc_youth

YouTube: Crawley Town Community Foundation

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