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The Crawley Town Foundation Soccer Schools are back!

Despite the inclement weather during half-term, the enthusiasm and energy of participants in the Crawley Town Community Foundation’s Soccer Schools remained undeterred, resulting in a week filled with joy and excitement.

Throughout the week, amidst the rain and wind, children engaged in many of the Foundations enjoyable football activities. However, what truly made our players weeks were the special guests who came along to the sessions. On Monday, the attendees were delighted by the arrival of Reggie the Red, the beloved mascot of Crawley Town FC. Reggie not only posed for photographs but also showcased his goalkeeping skills against one of the coaches, leaving a lasting impression on the young players and keeping their enthusiasm for the sport.


Thursday's session was equally memorable, as it featured not one, not two but four visitors from Crawley Town FC. The Foundation extends its thanks to Liam Kelly, Jeremy Kelly, Danilo Orsi and Jack Roles for giving their time to come along as they engaged in Q&A sessions and posed for pictures. Their involvement not only instilled inspiration within the children but also strengthened the bond between the club and its community, emphasizing the club's commitment to the foundation.


The Soccer Schools organised by Crawley Town Community Foundation serve as an integral part of the community's sporting participation, operating during all school breaks. Throughout the week, participants have the opportunity to earn awards and prizes, celebrating attributes such as perseverance, leadership, and sportsmanship, therefore emphasizing personal growth alongside skill development.


These Soccer Schools are designed to cultivate talent and cultivate a passion for the game. The sessions cater to children aged 5-12, irrespective of their footballing abilities. From teaching fundamental skills to fostering teamwork, the Soccer Schools provide a fun footballing experience that leaves a positive and lasting impact on all participants.


For those interested in learning more about our soccer schools, further information is available on the Crawley Town Community Foundation website at

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