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Time to Talk Day

On Thursday 7th February, Crawley Town embraced Time to Talk Day.

The theme for this year was to have a conversation about mental health, to help people feel comfortable to talk about the subject and to break down the stigma associated with it.

It helps to talk about mental health, and when one in four of us experience a problem, it is important that we start the conversation.

The Foundation delivers a session called Move the Goalposts, which supports people experiencing or at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties.

The programme is a football and personal skills programme, and has running since April 2017.

We spoke to some of our Move the Goalpost participants on Time to Talk Day, so they could tell their story and of how the programme has helped them open up.

Regular participant Andrew said, “Move the Goalposts means a lot to me.

The programme has helped me learn more skills. The programme has helped me to gain the confidence to get back to college and back on my feet again.”

In support of Crawley Town FC donating £2,000 Community Shield funding for the Move the Goalpost programme, we had a special session for the participants.

To start the day Head Coach Gabrielle Cioffi, Assistant Head Coach Nathan Rooney and Operations Director Kelly Durham popped over to meet the participants.

We also had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly to discuss the importance of supporting mental health in the community.

Kelly said, “Supporting mental health is paramount at the moment as it’s such a big issue in the community. The Community Foundation do excellent work throughout the community and Move the Goalposts is just one example. The money we have donated is going towards a fantastic and inclusive programme, which is really helping the community.”

Nathan added, “The work the Community Foundation do through Move the Goalposts is so important. From meeting the participants today, it really opens your eyes to the support the Foundation provides and how as a club, supporting our community is so important.”

The participants had a fantastic afternoon and were pleased with the support the club have given to the programme.

This has made a huge impact, proving there is support in the community for people with mental health difficulties.

To find out more about Move the Goalposts go to our website,

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