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Free Health Checks in support of Men’s Health Month at Crawley Town

Following our highly popular health checks back in August, Crawley Town Community Foundation have decided to bring them back for Men’s Health Month, offering those aged 55+ access to a variety of events throughout November.

On Friday 8th November we hosted the first round of Health Checks in partnership with Crawley Wellbeing, here at The People’s Pension Stadium, from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

Due to the success of the session, we are pleased to announce we will be holding more Health Checks, taking place on the 29th November.

These health checks consist of an MOT using body composition scales, providing basic measurements such as body weight and BMI and enable you to have an understanding of the internal workings of your body with measurements such as body fat %, muscle mass, hydration score, visceral fat and more obtained from the scales.

Additionally, using the readings we can have a conversation about your lifestyle with support and advice given where necessary.

Lifestyle areas covered include; weight management, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol use, stopping smoking, sleep, low-level emotional wellbeing and general lifestyle advice.

The Prevention Assessment Team, who attended on the 8th of November will be returning on November 29th and will be offering a health check, consisting of; blood pressure check, atrial fibrillation check and how to take an accurate pulse reading. This check will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

If you are over 55, come down during November to take part in the variety of health checks and activities we are putting on as a part of Men’s Health Month at Crawley Town.

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