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Utilita EFL Girls Cup 2019

On Thursday 21st November, Crawley Town Community Foundation hosted the EFL Girl’s Cup at Oriel High School, with 8 teams entered from local schools.

The participating teams were part of over 22,000 schoolchildren taking part in the competition each year, with the aim of representing their local EFL Club as they battle for the opportunity to play at Wembley Stadium in the final.

By encouraging young people to participate and develop a love of sport, the Clubs are helping to deliver the EFL Trust’s overall vision to create stronger, healthier, more active communities, whilst also supporting Sport England’s ambition of creating an active nation by focusing on the benefits sport can bring to people and society.

It was a highly competitive event with each school finishing close on the final points tally, and with the top teams from the 2 groups aiming to qualify from the tournament and into the finals hosted at the People’s Pension Stadium on Tuesday 26th November.

Millais School came out on top, qualifying for the finals outright. This left Hazelwick School and Warden Park School to go head to head in a penalty shootout to qualify for the second place in the finals.

At the end of the event, both Millais and Hazelwick Schools progressed to the finals at Crawley Town and for their chance to win a place to represent Crawley Town at the regional finals.

The final between Hazelwick and Millais was a very competitive fixture, both teams showing their level of skill, commitment and determination to make it to the final and during this game itself. Hazelwick School finally came out on top, winning 1-0.

A huge thank you to all the schools who competed in the Annual EFL Girl’s Cup, and we are excited to see what we have coming our way in future tournaments.

We wish Hazelwick School all the best for the next round of the competition.

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